Friday, October 29, 2010

I've Been A Bad Blogger

Oh My Goodness!!
It's been a while. How have you all been? I'm now the official crochet instructor at Pat Catan's in Painesville, Ohio, so if you live out that way I'd love to meet you all.
So what have I been working on? Lots of fun stuff!! I'm MissKatPegasus on Ravelry so you can check out what I'm working on mostly there. I try to keep it fairly updated. I was very surprised to find a link to my blog on Talking Crochet, how exciting is that!?
I'm also going to be in a craft fair at the Wildwood Cultural Center in Mentor, Ohio on November 20th so if you're in the area please stop by.
I've been on a knitting rampage lately making hats for everything that moves. I think next I'm going to be making Christmas stockings for the kitties, my sister and my boyfriend.
Maybe I'll have a pattern soon. Any requests?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Etsy!

So recently I've been a crafty jeweler. I've been making jewelry and selling it on my new Etsy shop in conjunction with my crochet Etsy. MissPegasusJewelry is where you can see some of my new creations.
Been on break from school and I just accepted a new job offer where I won't be miserable all day. No one should have to dread going to work, it's like torture. I've just been coming home and hiding in my room most of the time trying to escape the outside 'Holiday' torture. It was absolutely ridiculous. I'll never do it again. Never. I was in tears on Christmas Eve; after yelling at customers about cutting in line and a million people trying to get my attention at once because their problem was much more serious than the person I was currently helping. It is ridiculous. I will never go back. Ever.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Beading and stuff...

Lately I've been making jewelry. I think it's about time for a new camera, all the pictures I've been taking have been coming out blurry. Please check them out at my Etsy! Thanks so much!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wash cloth fetish

I know it's been a while since I blogged (shame on me), but I've a a fair amount of trades on my Etsy. Still no sales, but I'm waiting for them to come. I've been making a lot of wash cloths lately. They're simple and quick, which makes them very appealing to make. My house is filled with the suckers....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Could have died.
If you haven't noticed all the pictures I have with my cat in them, go look. He can be so ridiculous sometimes!
I charted a V for Vendetta filet that I want to turn into a blanket and sell. It has the V and circle with 'Remember Remember the 5th of November' behind in white letters. It will prolly take forever, but oh well.

Yarn Stash/ Blanket Pattern (Lemonade Stitch)

Augh! I looks like a craft store threw up in my house! I have yarn everywhere. I need to find a fun project that will use all my bits and bods up. I was thinking of either making a chain mail blanket, a multicolor granny square blanket, or making a gazillion hats. I dunno...
I just got ten skeins of teal TLC in, which I'm totally excited about. I'm going to try my hand at some Irish Crochet and make a scarf for my mema. I'm also making a hat for Grandma Swan and a shrug for my Etsy. It's a cute little dance shrug that I really like.
You all know I can't resist giving another pattern, so I'll share a secret with you all that has been my success at every baby shower I've ever attended. Wow your friends and make the neighbors jealous, I call it the lemonade stitch.

Pattern Notes:
The pictures I'll show are for lefties. Sorry righties, but I can't use my right hand for anything. If it really bothers you, copy and paste it into paint and flip it.
This pattern starts at the corner and works diagonally to make a diamond.
Also, I'm only going to make a small version to show, because I don't need to make anything right now.

Baby Blankey- 20oz. of baby yarn, US size H/5mm hook
Adult Blankey- 65oz. of medium worsted yarn, US size H/5mm hook

No gauge, but make sure your stitches are even.

Row 1- Ch 6, dc in fourth ch from hook and in next two chs. 3dc, 1 ch 3 sp.

Row 2- Ch 6, turn. Dc in fourth ch from hook and in next two chs. Sl st in ch 3 sp, ch 3, 3 dcs in same sp.(Makes a heart shape, also makes three blocks total)

Row 3- Ch 6, turn. Dc in fourth ch from hook and in next two chs. *Sl st in ch 3 sp, ch 3, 3 dcs in same sp.* twice.
Rows 4-Desired Width- Continue with stitch, adding the extra block until the side is the desired width of the piece.
Creating a rectangular shape:
Row 1- Instead of chaining 6, turn and sl st in the tops of the second and third dc and into the ch 3.(We'll call this a Dec) Continue pattern as before, increasing at opposite end until desired length. When you reach the end where you've dec, sl st in the ch 3 sp, then turn and sl st in the tops of the dcs as before.

Instead of increasing at one end and decreasing at the other, you will decrease on each end until you reach the last block. Cut yarn, weave in ends.


You can also make scarves and shawls with this pattern. For a shawl, you will just end when you have reached the desired width without all the bother of making the length.
Here's a blankey I finished last night for a girl I work with:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fanged Cat Hat


This is my latest creation. As you can see, my cat enjoyed it thoroughly. I call it the 'Fanged Cat Hat' which will be posted on my Etsy Shop when I can get a model other than my cat.
I'd put up the pattern, but I think I would have a hard time explaining what I actually did even to myself. Basically, I took a basic beanie cap, added ears a few rows in, put some sort of a cat eye pattern and some ear flaps with a string of scs. Then I added some length to the ears, made some quick little fangs and put a pink X on the front for a nose. Simple as that.